Sunday, September 27, 2009

nerd raging

I dislike PvP, so sue me. The entire mentality that takes over people who pvp tends to get under my skin as well.

Oh? You don't pvp? You must be bad. You are a bad player! LOLOLOLOL Why do you suck?

You get where this is going.
I enjoy PvE. I like the challenges of seeing in game encounters that force you to defeat a boss. Healing when a boss might spike down my tank if i miss a CD or I have to time my abilities to last.

I rarely enjoy PvP. Sure, the world pvp is fun. Being in a group with five friends and keeping them up with multiple groups trying to take them down is great. Keeping them and myself up and seeing them go down is fun and nice to see! What I dislike when I get bent over and raped by multiple people of the opposition. I dislike dishonorable combat. I dislike the attitudes of people who PvP.

I take it way too serious? Perhaps.

It takes being in a rotten mood where I feel I need to put others down to find any satisfaction in ganking someone or taking a group to kill just them. Using other's misery for my own pleasure and all that. PvP just encourages it. Making others miserable for your own benefit.

Its why I don't get the trollers. I don't see how you can get giggles out of making someone upset. If you hated them and were vindictive and out to get them, sure I could understand the 'trolling.' But if you were bored and just out to smear someone for your amusement, naw.

Its just a game. I can play however I want.

Does anonymity of the web somehow make it magically ok to be a creep in a video game when it isn't in real life. I don't think it does.

I take it way too serious? Perhaps.

Girls suck at video games. They are all bad. They are all whores and sluts.

etc etc but these statements piss me off. Why? I know its not true. Yes, there are some who very much fit these categories. But i know PLENTY of female players who are good. Who've not whored their way up into positions in raids or gear.

When i hear statements like that I want to punch a guy in the throat and tell him maybe he should get in the kitchen since he's got the BITCH part down so well.

You're being trolled. Don't feed.

Let me ask you this. When you hear slurs against you and you know they are outright lies and wrong do you want to sit there and quietly take it? You can sit there quietly and take the bullying and abuse. Feeling disgusting because you just allowed them to feel like they walked all over you. Or you can speak up and protest and be branded an idiot or someone who takes things way too serious and can't take the joke.

I spoke up ONCE to a person in trade when they went on this smear campaign and I've been getting whispers since. The 'you're bad' type or 'lolgirlscan'tplay' types or comments about my vag. I just tell them thats nice and shrug it off.

Some of the recent ones have been really weird. Random whispers from people I don't really know who have apparently tried to read up on me. And think that what they know empowers or something weird.

Do I take it way too serious? I don't think I do. I recognize everyone has their own beliefs and lives like they want. Does that mean I have to sit and not speak up against things that I think are wrong? No. Do I have to show respect to someone who has to try to put down others for their own amusement because they apparently have no personal self worth? No.

I am in a minority. I take things way too serious. But maybe sometimes thats not a bad thing.

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