Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pax and MMOs


I cannot tell you how excited I am to be finally headed there tomorrow! Not just to hang out with my homegirl Izzie, but the chance to really get away and into an environment filled with geeks like me! I am already packed and iching to get on the plane tomorrow!

I'm pretty excited as well about seeing some old school friends of mine who are actually working in the industry out there! I'm arranging to meet up with a friend working on the new Star Wars MMO at the Lucas Arts booth. And I may meet up with some old guild members while out there as well!

Personally too, I'm hoping to snag some swag and perhaps see demos of some of the new games coming out - which I am sure there will be plenty of. And unlike Pax East, I've packed my WoW clothing in case anyone is sneaking around with pet cards again!

I'm going to do my best to see so much more this time too! I have so many plans for panels!!! Yes, I am very excited!


So for about a month now, I've had access through a friend to the world of warcraft beta. And might I say outright that I am deeply and madly in love with the quest and leveling experience designers. I've already leveled one toon from 1-82 from scratch. The zones have been resculped masterfully. Where I really didn't get into enjoying leveling during wrath until the BC zones, I found I actually liked 1-58 FAR MORE than the BC/WRATH experience.

And now I will be attempting a new project. I am going to fraps and do a walk through of leveling as a human mage from 1-58!! Granted I have pax this week to get in my way... but I do have 1-5 done! Recording myself talking was the most difficult part of this venture and I keep laughing at myself and feeling silly! But I wanted to give this a try!!!

Final Fantasy XIV: Online

For those who know me, my MMO experiences began in 2003 with Final Fantasy XI: Online. So it shouldn't be super surprising to some of you that I've been keeping my eye on this MMO since its announcement. I've got the game on pre-order and am looking forward to its arrival on the 30th of this month!

I'm pretty interested in their Armory system they've established and I'm curious about how well it is going to work out. And its a constant chuckling to look over all the similarities between 11 and 14. I am planning to go back to my 'roots' and play a melee class in 14. In 11, I played a Monk/Ninja - a class that relied on hand to hand combat. In 14, the Pugilist is the hand to hand combatant. But rather than just being a martial artist as the monk was, in this case they seem to be an immeadiate blend the rogue, monk and ninja. I'm very excited to try it out!!!

Additionally, I really love the character customization they've added to the game and the way you can pick between sects of your race. In my case, I will be playing the Miqo'te - the cat girl race - and I'll be picking between the group that worships the sun, or the group that worships the moon. Really, overall 14 just seems like a fantastic remake of 11... the 'what we would have done if we'd been thinking or had the ability to do it' version.

There is a live beta ongoing right now, but I'm looking forward to being surprised with this one!

I hope to post more on these subjects in the days ahead! Keep you posted!!! Peace!

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