Thursday, May 19, 2011

Engineering Like TF2 Babeh!

I’m a fairly recovered WoW addict now. Both my accounts have been canceled and any desire to go back has truly dissolved. Though I am still keeping in touch with less than a handful of folks from the guild.

Right now I’ve joined a community for the upcoming MMO – Guild Wars 2! Since Pax East I’ve been increasingly involved with a friend’s website as a trial streamer. Though I will be representing and filming for them at the upcoming Pax Prime this coming August. I’m very excited about everything I hear about the game. And I’m leaning towards playing an Sylvari Elementalist or the newest introduced class: Engineer!

And when I say Engineer is their newest, I mean the folks at ArenaNet announced it today! And when I saw the announcement and watched the videos I initially felt confused. As at the time, I felt that perhaps the videos were not as well made as previous class preview videos had been made. However, after rewatching them a few times, that confusion was left by the wayside and I instead found myself growing increasingly interested! And I decided that Engineer looked like it could be a really fun class to try to play!

And one of the reasons I feel this way is because of an association my mind brought up and then had encouraged through discussion with a friend in the community concerning how the Engineer of GW2 was kinda like Team Fortress 2!!! And this was so much impressed upon me that I ended up editing together this fan video as well:

Elements that stood out to me that I liked…

Outside of loving the turrets, I also am incredibly fond of the “Jump Shot” ((video can be found here: which reminds me quite a bit of the TF2’s Soldier’s Rocket Jump. And while they didn’t really explain it much, the video leads me to believe that it will be a sort of propulsion move very similar to - if not mirroring - the ability!

Also, I love how the mine, grenade and bombs are working out. Judging by the preview videos, it seems like you can get super creative with their placement if you think ahead on things. Much like the Demo from TF2, I could see one finding a good defensive position and fencing oneself in and then going to town on anything/anyone in one’s field of vision (or letting your turret take care of them hehe)!

Also, before I move on, I wanted to say how much I love the animations for firing the guns! From the two one-handed guns, to the two-handed rifle; I love the movement they’ve got going for both firing and bringing them about. It feels very gunslinger-like to me and gives off a good vibe!

Further thoughts…

I was a little surprised by a few other folks reactions in the community concerning how it felt ‘off’ to them to have this sort of class in the GW2 universe. While perhaps it could be odd seeing the Sylvari wielding metal weapons when they’re a people born from plants, I couldn’t really picture how this couldn’t work out.

Granted I’ve not played Guild Wars nearly as much or as long as some of those who are feeling a bit unhappy about the class, but it seems to me from some of the environments, mobs and existing creations in Guild Wars that the ability to create and be this sort of class was inevitable. Izari covered further thoughts on this at her blog over at Talk Tyria! ((See her post here: Personally, I kind of wonder if it’s just the stigma of the name too. You think of fantasy as being encompassed by mages, warriors, thieves, and the like -- but engineers? While perhaps it’s not quite traditional, I think as the class sits and folks stop balking and start watching, that the class will be as impressive to the nay-sayers as to the ones who like it regardless of preconceived ideas. ^^

In closing…

I’m really looking forward to seeing some sort of game play video in the coming weeks and/or months. I think that would be very telling on how complicated I might expect the class to really be. Already it does seem pretty involved with the possible plotting, the dodging and rolling, combined with trap placement, turret placement, etc etc. Also, it seems like a light armored class - so it will likely be taking some pretty big hits if enemies manage to get too close ((but that was the case with TF2’s Engineer too hehe)).

I’m definitely looking forward to getting more information on this class. (Not to mention hoping for news on the Sylvari!!) Unfortunately though, there is this rumor that we may not even see a beta out until Fall! This means waiting till probably 2012 for this game. THOOOOOOUGH, it can be said that something this epic should be released in the year when the world is doomed to end! Bwahaha

See you guys in another month or so! haha Have a good one!

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