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So I’m a giant Bleach fan. No not the chemical. Bleach is a manga/graphic novel and Japanese animated television series! Yes. I am an anime geek.

So over a year ago a friend introduced me to the show and I was taken by it. It was very unique compared to the other anime I’d been watching. And I remember really liking the hero, Ichigo (Ichi = One, go = protects.). He was virtuous. Protective of his friends. Honorable. Loyal. And someone who never let the huge power boosts he went through go to his head (no ego!). Unlike every other action show with a teenage male as the hero.

Just yesterday a group FINALLY released the third Bleach movie! Fade to Black! In it the girl soul reaper who gave Ichigo the powers of shinigami (soul reaper) in order to protect his family ‘vanishes’ and her memory and everything associated with her is erased from the memories of the “Soul Society” (kinda like heaven and purgatory mixed into one I think). His friendship and loyalty to her, sends him there. And he fights all the friends there who don’t remember him (because he was a product of her and therefore is erased from their memories) until the end of the movie.

I’ve been looking forever for an English subtittled version. It was released over a year ago in Japan! Well the entire thing contained a lot of flash backs to key parts of Ichigo and Rukia’s friendship. It made me pretty nostalgic and I’ve been having a marathon of it all night! Its really a pick me up when I’ve been kinda downy and emo.

To see a hero overcoming his weaknesses without an over bearing ego. Who protects for the sake of protecting those he cares for and not get a giant bratty ego. Who keeps his cool and is steadfast. Who cares for his family and his enemies alike. Someone who doesn’t crush people for weaknesses. Really just a guy I really respect and wish existed in real life.

Another awesome thing I’ve watched in the last day or so is Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. Another guildy linked it for me the other day while we talked about the stories behind people who’ve created incredible things. Turns out the guy probably lived about 15 min away from me. But even more incredible was the story of the man’s life.

He was also aggravatingly optimistic. Like, I was feeling angry a bit by it. But then at the same time I felt a deep respect for someone who has been through such stuff and yet still maintains a positive outlook and is constantly looking for ways to go further. Like the guy not only never gave up on his dreams, but he helped others find it too.

And one of the most challenging things he said that left me feeling challenged about myself was:
"No matter how angry someone makes you give it time and they'll surprise you."

I’ve a lot of folks I’ve been angry with recently. Some of those are friends and some of course are people I don’t really know. The challenge lays in just not letting it get to me. To just remember that yeah, some of them are aiming to get under my skin. But some of them aren’t. And those who are may not always be like that and might be nice when they decide to not be douche bags.

Does this mean I can’t get pissed when they slander? Meh I’m sure within reason it would be ok. If I can manage to not take it way to serious and relax. NOW relaxing when you are a paranoidish person with anxiety issues? That is something else as well. Haha

Anyway, back to Bleach. Peace.

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