Friday, October 2, 2009

nerd raging

Aion sucks. Yeah I said it. But not for the reasons one might typically think and really its more a ranting than an issue with the game itself.

World of Warcraft has been in a state of regurgitation as it seeks to keep the attention of its player base. Some are more successful than others. Right now with Onyxia and Trail of the Grand Crusader, its flopping a bit. True, not as many of passed through the heroic versions. However, the content is boring and some find themselves uninterested in the content. Its just a boss. No story. No interesting elements.

So then Aion comes along. Stunning graphics. New play style. New end game purpose. Its interesting and somewhat fresh.

It is filled with World of Warcraft players. Fleeing a game quickly becoming homogenized and dull. Things that made classes unique are being stripped away. Boss fights are simple but hard hitting. Movements are pretty straight forward and its not hard to pay attention and do well.

How does this affect the guild and me? Well its not entirely the issue. But it explains the issue for a few. Like anything, when you don’t do something as much, your skills in it can rust a bit. And what I saw in a few mistakes tonight reflected the reaction times from Aion. The game is sluggish. You don’t have to move fast. You just grind really.

There was no focus. But really just not from the Aion players. The entire team was doing poor. People stood in green puddles in second phase. People stood in front of the worms in second phase and were one shot. People stood in fires in phase 1. Tanks died in phase 1 when they didn’t get CDs up in time. Healers got Snowbolded and dps was slow to burn them down leading to tank death. AND multiple times people were targeted by Icemaw and killed, leading to enrages and raid wipes. One at 10%.

A night which could and should have pushed us into working on progression ended with wiping endlessly to a boss we have on farm. And then when I push us to Onyxia because we obviously were falling apart, we wipe to her. People body pull TWICE. They pull whelps. They turn and get half the raid killed by cleave. They get breathed on.

We downed her but the night was unsatisfying. Sloppy and felt like a failure. After all of this I got to deliver the mama-lecture. I was pretty calm I think and no one said I was wrong in how I presented which is good. But I wanted to shout. Nerd Rage and Bitch. But That doesn’t work and it wouldn’t help anyone. I’d feel more like shit and they’d be upset. And who knows who would show up for next raid.

I’ve told them we’re going to try again on Saturday. Normally we farm the old content and catch people up on their gear. But the new content can provide more and on that end, I want us to get in and do it. Not to mention if we down it we move into first position for our faction. Ah dreams.

I’ve been told not to let myself take it way too serious. To have fun. And I can try to push myself towards that end. But I’m terribly competitive. Hopefully this was one of those situations that comes up where the entire team is just playing bad and when we come back Saturday we’ll one shot the downed content and can push the new stuff.

We did test the strategy I put together over the weekend on the normal version and I think we’ll do it well if the proper team shows up! Here’s to hoping.

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